What a fabulous fortnight!

Hello lovely people

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone that not only voted for us but have supported us from the very beginning back in Feb 2015.

Its been an incredible 2 weeks.

First the Best Bar None awards where we scooped up Best Pub in Southampton AND Best Overall Winner making us the best venue in town according to the Police and Licensing Officers.
These awards just blew us away.  The awards are for the way we run our business, train our staff and testimony to our work ethic.
Our staff won this award for us – they don’t always have it easy and they don’t always get much thanks but we love ‘em and know that without our team we couldn’t do what we do.

Thank you to everyone at TDM.  We love you crazy kids.

Last nights award came from The People – you wonderful lot who come to us rain or shine and help make TDM the buzzy happy place it is.
Every building project entered was incredible.  Each deserved to be recognised and celebrated.

We had a really wonderful evening celebrating with Shawn from Technics Interiors – our building team who often stood in front of us scratching their heads and muttering that what we were asking for was insane and over the 6 month building process saw how it all started coming together and maybe, just maybe the wardrobe doors, dodgy chairs and fairy lights would have a place in a grand scheme.  Thank you to all of you – especially Derrin.  He went above and beyond on this job and will forever be remembered by the oak door that sits park side.  Derrin designed this door and then built it with love in his own workshop.  His initials are engraved in the door and will hopefully remain there until the end of time.

Kevin White – our English Heritage Officer was with us too.  Without his enthusiasm, patience, knowledge and support we would not have made it.  Be proud guys x you did good.

I have spent a good part of my morning reading all your comments on FB and I cannot wipe the smile from my face.

Thank you all so much.

Happy Friday xx