Weather permitting

I know it doesn’t seem like it now but summer is here!
Hooray!!!! I’m sure it’ll come good soon.

In the land of The Dancing Man things have been all go. Creative juices have been flowing as freely as the ale. Our very talented Sibbick brothers have once again astounded one and all with their hand craft sorcery and conjured up a massive fire pit BBQ and outdoor bar for the imminent summer good times.

The BBQ was the brainchild of our fantastic head chef Jason Bellord who is a fire cooking fanatic and wanted to bring the good good people of Soton some real wood smoked, down home Texas treats to go with our wonderful hop juice. Tom really flew at the project coming up with all sorts of racks and spits and spikes for us to play with. It really is a must see! (here’s a sneak peak).

Now everyone knows a BBQ is nowt without ale. So we set about making an outside bar too.
Everyone knows Ned Sibbick is a master of crafting beautiful acoustic guitars so it was no surprise to see him knock up a bar from pallet wood in no time. We picked up a great big lump of cedar from Romsey Reclamation as a bar top and all three of us set about whittling a BIG CASINO motif on it. A very long and therapeutic process that was, but I’m sure you will agree it is a sight to behold.

Our first scheduled BBQ is Sat 2nd July starting at 1 o’clock. We will be serving up 3 mouth watering meaty offerings with Big Casino on keg and an ice bath full of Pilgrims and Last Waltz cans to wash it down. The Junko Shakers will be busking their butts off for your enjoyment through the afternoon so I’m sure we will have a rare old time!

As always, keep your eyes on Twitter and FB for more details and an impromptu BBQ debut between now and the 2nd, to make sure everything is working as it should.
Many thanks for your ongoing thirst for good beer!
Aidan X