The story continues…

So the story continues – here we are – over a year since we opened our doors and started our new venture.

It’s been a roller coaster and the biggest curvy learning curve you ever did see.
When we first put our business plan together we had not considered the events side of the business.
I truly believed my role would be as a sales person – out in free trade selling our wares with an occasional event being hosted upstairs.
How wrong were we?

We are brewing to capacity and 99% of our beer is sold right here so I had nothing to sell but it was very clear within the first week that TDM was very sought after for weddings, parties, poetry days, vintage fares, wedding fairs, corporate do’s and by October 2015 we had over 1000 bookings for Christmas.
This time last year we were having a min of 60 enquiries a week and they don’t seem to be slowing down.

So there I was – a beer rep suddenly thrown into Events Management.
After 8 months of almost losing the plot Vic and Hannah joined the team and have helped organise the whole event side of our business.
Brewing is going great guns – we now can, keg, cask and bottle our own beer and you can take away a 4 pint flagon to drink at home or on the bus if you haven’t filled your boots whilst on site.
The restaurant has a fabulous new team whose pies have won awards, so if you tried our food early doors please come see what we are up to now – there’s a new menu!

We have an Events Team, a Brewery Liaison Officer and the best waiters, waitresses and bar staff in the land.
Mr Watson has settled in nicely and attends all functions whilst wearing a jaunty bow tie – Check out his “Whats On Mr Watson” page on our web site!

Life is good and summer is on its way (please keep off the grass if you are drinking or we will have to hoist you off the hump) lots to look forward to.
We have our beer pairing evenings and many more TDM events planned so keep em peeled and come join us.
We have worked really hard to get things right and just want to say a massive THANK YOU for your support in our first, rocky at times, year.
Mandy xx