The season of Sour Power is here…

The hippies in 1967’s summer of love had flower power, but Dancing Man in 2018’s summer of decidedly strange, post heatwave, muggy and uncomfortable weather, has Sour Power!

Yes we have only gone and made the most tang-tastic (ahem) Raspberry sour. Raspberry Mother Pukka 4.1% is arguably the most refreshing beverage that we have made to date. Served ice cold with high carbonation, the sweet and tart Raspberries soften the lacto sourness beautifully, and add a wonderful bright red hue.

Also returning for its yearly opportunity to wreak havoc on the minds and taste buds of all willing participants is Little Casino 8%. Our IIPA so juicy it is deemed antisocial to brew it more than once a year. Same hop and malt line up as Big Casino, just lots more of it. The Happy Days equivalent of taking your childhood sweetheart to inspiration point on Fonzie’s 1949 Triumph Trophy! Cool as, huh? Get it whilst its fresh.
This Sunday (26th Aug) sees the last of our summer BBQs as we host the………..Dancing Man Carnival! Live music from Earl Butler, Frankie Knight, Tia De Gannes & The People, & Chevelle. Expect Jerk BBQ, tropical drinks and some great end of summer vibes.

Everyones favourite fruit beer Congo Driftwood 4.3% will also be making a long awaited comeback, like a rock star heroically returning from a soul searching sabbatical in a Carribean mountainside retreat. Crammed with Mango and Pineapple and perfect for an afternoon in the sunshine.

Hope to see you all soon.