The Randell is here!

Hello again! Hope you’re all well.

As mentioned in my last post, Sea City Gold and 16 Tonne Stout are both now available from the Dancing Man and the Platform Tavern. Brew sheets for both are on this website so please have a look. Our beers

Our Randell Friday session has taken off big style. For those that aren’t familiar, a Randell is an infusion device that we hook up to a keg line from the cellar, pack full of fruit, hops or spices, and serve one of our chilled Dancing Man beers through. We do this once a week, on Friday afternoons until it’s gone. So one week it could be Big Casino through Citra and lemon peel, the next might be Last Waltz through coffee and Chinook.

This Friday (today 16th October) is our Music in the City tribute beer through Centennial hops and Coriander seeds with citrus peel. If that all sounds incomprehensible and crazy please come on down to see. All will be revealed. There are some pictures on our Facebook page at /dancingmanbrewery so if you don’t already like us on there….. Get on with it. Similarly if you have any bright ideas about what to put in the Randell drop us a tweet or a message and let us know! Brick dust, Sibbick body parts, and old coins will be considered but no promises made.

Look out for a post later today about our up coming Moktober Fest!!!! Excitement looms!