Super Liquid on its way!

Hello again fine people of this beautiful world!

As always we have been very busy rustling up beery beverages for your taste buds to feast on.
Firstly Id like to apologise to anyone that was looking forward to our Gunslinger IIPA. Some clever git tampered with our glycol chiller unit, which resulted in our beloved Gunslinger rising to 35c over the weekend and being totally ruined. So thanks for that you muppet! Luckily we don’t get too upset by these things, and we have since had a k*@bhead proof gate installed.
We also thought it was a good time to rethink our DIPA plans, and come up with something a bit more new wave and juicier than ever……………
Drum roll please…………..
We are very pleased to announce that…..SUPER LIQUID (DIPA) 8.1% is almost ready for kegging and will be released on Friday 12th May. Please feel free to join us and drink (responsibly) this hop beast dry.

In other news our second brew of Necessary Evil Lager 5%, is now available and selling like bacon at a hillbilly banquet. It is our plan to have our first lager on as a permanent fixture.

Our new 440ml Big Casino IPA cans are also going out the door like atheists at a christening. So much so that we have had to limit supply to other outlets to make sure we have plenty for our own bar and restaurant.

Other than our friends at Bitter Virtue, who will have a steady supply of them, probably best to come to the brewery to buy them from now on!

Lastly Id like to send huge love to my old friend Greg Gilbert of The Delays. Greg has been battling bowel cancer since October. It has been so wonderful to see how much love and support has been given to Greg, Stacey and their young family by, not just the people of Southampton but from all over the world.

Stacey and their friends have been tirelessly organising hugely successful fundraising events to raise money for Gregs ongoing treatment. We have donated some prizes to the auction for the after party of their upcoming fundraising football match at St Marys Stadium. More details will be announced soon.  I hope you will all support this great cause, and give generously, to help a beautiful local family. We wish them all the best of luck with the event, and Greg a very speedy recovery.x

See you soon folks.