Summertime. . .


Will someone please stop the year romping off?
May Bank holiday has been and gone and the second is hurtling towards us.
Our new table and benches are ready for you outside so come and see us and our shiny new menu.
Be warned though – if Mr Watson is out there – DON’T TOUCH THE BALL! – if you do that will be your afternoon sorted. He is relentless. When I collected him from the dog’s home I was warned he had a ‘ball addiction’ but I have never seen owt like this – he is obsessed and can lure even the canniest of guest into a ball throwing marathon.

The new menu is going great guns – you have to try the steak and dirty eggs – yes, dirty eggs – cooked in the steaks pan juices and topped with béarnaise butter – fabulous.

Screw Face 4% is on keg at the moment beautifully chilled and served from the back bar downstairs.
Bloody Red Baron Brewers Reserve at 6.8% is hefty but oh my – in my opinion it has knocked Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild off its no 1 spot on my favourite beer list.

I am sat in the office as I type listening to Aid talk about hops – we have some very splendid brews on their way.
The Southampton Beer Festival 3rd and 4th June will feature our Big Casino 5.7% and Bone Dry Session IPA 3.4% so if you like ‘em please vote – we would love another win!
Events are being booked left right and center and we now have our first 2019 wedding in the diary!
There may be the odd free Saturday that we are not hosting a wedding so if you see a gap on the website diary book a table quickly as we are booked until January 2017!

The Christmas menu is almost ready to go live and sounds amazing so if you haven’t already please book soon.

The food pairing evening with the first ever Pigs blood beer is still being talked about! It was incredible and well done to everyone at TDM – Aidan may need a few lessons in the joke telling department but apart from that it was a huge success. We are planning the next one now so keep an eye out for the ticket release date.

Thinks that’s all for now folks.
Over and out x