Return of Moloko Drengo

Back by popular demand. That’s right, it’s back.

Our Vanilla Milkshake IPA, has returned Moloko Drengo 5.7% like a sweet toothed hero returning from the great war of the sorbet, to fill the hearts and minds of the great and the good! After the subsequent success of Strawberry Moloko, I know that we promised to do Chocolate Moloko, however, there has been an overwhelming amount of requests for the OG of Dancing Man milkshake beers so there you have it.

The people have spoken and we have delivered.

Lactose, Vanilla and 10 hat fulls of mosaic cryo in the dry hop. What is there not to get excited about?
We will be releasing this gentle giant today (Thurs 8th Nov) so pop in for a tea time pint and let us know what you think!

Many thanks my beery amigos.

Next time!


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