Its not coming home. . .but we have beer!

Why good day!
Another blog post huhh? What shall I talk about? Beer? Football? Making homemade butter? Our recent and upcoming BBQs? Yes you guessed it……. All of them!

I count myself very lucky to have a never ending, childlike enthusiasm for pretty much everything good in the world. And the World Cup is good……in the world. Ahem.
I have thoroughly enjoyed our world cup campaign, and although I was totally devastated after the Croatia match, I have huge optimism for the future of that team. I strongly believe that their success in the tournament was down to the amount of Big Casino consumed in southern Hampshire during the past 3 weeks. As friends of Dancing Man Brewery I now consider it your obligation to your country to follow suit and fill your growlers ready for the Belgium play off match! Growlers are available from the brewery for £5 with 20% discount on the DMB beer that you put in them.

As you know, apart from surviving on a diet of charcuterie, cheese and Tim Vine jokes, we also love making new beers for your love and enjoyment. This summer is no different! So here is a list of things to look out for in the coming weeks. Please check social media channels for more details and release dates. Also please see our facebook page and comment on our international beer day competition to win a t shirt. Don’t forget to like and share!

Strawberry Moloko 5.7%
A follow up to Moloko Drengo, this is a Strawberry Milkshake IPA. Additions of oats, lactose, vanilla and of course strawberries will transport you a sun kissed beach or even your favourite American diner.

Limes Against Humanity 4.1%
A perfected version of our hugely popular Lime Leaf pale ale. Dry hopped with Mosaic, and only available on cask.

Haunted By New England 6.6%
IPA showcasing the Lallamand New England yeast strain. Expect soft and rounded palette with stone fruit flavours and oodles of hops.

A classic Belgian style Saison, and a first of this style for Dancing Man. Handpicked local Rosemary and Orange zest add top notes to the underlying bubble gum and white pepper of the Saison yeast. Very soft and refreshing. Keg only.

As mentioned we have recently been hosting some fun day Sunday BBQs. Many thanks are due to our fantastically talented Sous chef, Billy Crocket and the delectable and multi-talented Miss Hannah Willis, for organising and hosting these bi weekly events. So far they have been amongst my very favourite days since we opened. As well as being extremely lucky with the weather, Hannah and Billy have put on live music ,DJs, outside bar and the most amazing BBQ food, to create a wonderful, carnival type atmosphere. Anyone looking to join us for a Sunday knees up can find details elsewhere on this website but I can tell you that they are on July 22nd , and August 5th & 26th, and are not to be missed. Sunday roast will not be available on these dates, but believe me …… will not miss them! Not until September anyway.

Errrrrrrrm yeah………Homemade butter. Who knew? One of the most rewarding, and easy culinary treats of all time. Especially for those of you that make you own bread and/or cheese. Rather than tell you all about it and pass on my secrets on this blog post, I have just decided to wait until my main man Jack Robertson is back from his hols, and make you a video all about it. That sounds like fun. Me ,Tom and Jack, bread, butter and beer. Until then……Adios