New flavours for your love and enjoyment

Greetings all!
Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. I am a Luddite and a technophobe, and I have no place in this modern world. I WILL beat this devil in me with an axe shaped, hand held digital device and scream across the technosphere “No longer will I cobble these posts together with one clumsy finger and two confused squinting eyes!”. Until that day you will have to make do with my humble apologies.

Right! We’ve got some new flavours for your love and enjoyment. First up Camshaft IPA 5.6%.  A delectable IPA with a rather alternative hop selection spanning wide across continents. Simcoe, Ahtanum & Nelson Sauvin combine to create something quite different. Notes of gooseberry, fresh bread and pine resin dance in front of a dry, bitter finish. We decided to dispense this one from cask as a farewell nod to the folks from Campaign For Real Ale, who recently decided that we should no longer be included in their good beer guide. Very strange after we have won multiple Camra awards????? Anyhow…

Next up sees the return of the mighty Big Bad Stout! Our wonderful 6.8% powerhouse stout is the kind of thing Henry VIII would have swilled from a pewter tankard on his birthday. Not only have we put this dose of decadence in cask and keg, we have also aged some with one or two little extras for a special occasion. Coffee beans and maple syrup, oak chips and vanilla pods, and morelo cherries with black pepper. Keep an eye on social media for release dates, but be ready to move quick as these things taste unbelievable and once they’re gone……they are gone!

October also sees the return of an oldie but a goodie. White Crow Wheat IPA 5.5% is unique little devil. Hopped with Sorachi Ace and Citra this is a tropical dream for hop heads. Very soft on the pallet, but a big hitter when it comes to flavour and aroma. Loads of coconut, lemongrass and mango with a great smooth body and deliciously moreish finish.

That’s brings me to an end folks. All that’s left to say is that tickets are selling well for our beer and food pairing evening on the 17th October. Come and get ‘em soon to avoid disappointment. It’s always a great night even if I do say so myself.

Thanks for listening.

Till next time… Hasta Luego