New beers 2020

“Ever wondered if there is a world record for holding a pint of Guinness? And if so, I wonder who the Guinness, Guinness holder, world record holder is?”


Tim Vine jokes are a lot like Benjamin Button. They never get old. Unlike me who felt older than time after polishing of two bottles of vintage port on New Year’s Day. But I live to tell the tale!

So, I gather that the gyms are full and the pubs are empty huh? Not from where we are standing! We’ve been rockin’ the Tryanuary vibe with new beers a plenty for 2020. First up is our first honey beer, Itchy Tooth 4.8%. Using late season, medium dark, Isle of Wight honey, we have made a beautifully easy drinking cask ale. I’m pretty sure this will be the beginning of a “thing” for us, as I’m dead sure you’re going to love it.

Secondly, we have Campfire Trench Coat 5.1%. This is a German inspired smoked beer. More than just a hatful of beechwood smoked malt, and fermented with lager yeast, this beer is a must try!!! Both beers will be available late January /early February, but as always keep an eye on social media channels for full tasting notes and release dates.

Anyone fancy a celebration? Hell Yeah!!! Me too! You are all personally invited to share with us in our 5th birthday shenanigans. Tickets will be on sale very soon, for our 5th annual beer and food pairing. Music, magic and merriment is the name of the game. Friday 28th Feb is the date. Don’t miss out!

That’s about it from me for now. Tom got fed up with Dry January and turned some of the brewery into a protein fuelled muscle palace, and I gotta go spot Ned for his super set, firkin press session.

Keep pumpin’ you rockstars!




new beers 2020