Latest Gossip from DMB

So here we are at the beginning of May already.
Both Bank Holidays were fab for us helped by some occasional sunshine, and there is another one yet to come!

We have started to show case some of Southampton’s young talent here at TDM on a Sunday (not every Sunday and quite AdHoc) so please keep your eyes on our website for details.

DJ Hammy’s ‘Out on School Night’ is building momentum and we soon hope to see a good mix of scooters and slightly larger bikes all parked outside whilst their owners kick back and enjoy Hammy’s enormous range of tunes.  Next one will be 16th May so please come see us.

Stephen Simmons – our fabulous, resident Magician (he is actually MAGIC) will be here every other Thursday eve, mooching about and wowing guests with his magicalness.

Our new cans are flying out the door – we have moved from 330ml to 440ml – the beer inside, BIG CASINO – was brewed with a new yeast strain which has made this incredible beer even better and the cans bigger! Who would have thought Aid could have improved it– well, he has.
Necessary Evil our 5% first ever lager (named after our Financial Control Freak) keeps selling out so don’t tell your friends we have it or there will be none left for you.

I hate to say the C word but Christmas is only 7 more pay days away, so if your firm has not yet booked your Christmas party please ask the organiser to get in quick – bookings and enquiries for events can be made through our website Book an event

Our new menu was launched in April and has been really well received.  If you haven’t been in for a while please come and try it out – Rag and Bone has been kept on it as its just too popular to remove.  There are pies, fish, burgers, lamb, steak and a rather lovely vegan/veggie menu to accompany our lovely vegan beers.

When we know for sure – or as sure as we can be in Old Blighty – that a glorious weekend has been forecast, we intend to wheel out our fire pit and throw a few shrimps on it – some days we may even surprise you with music outside?
If all else fails there is always Mr Watson, he will keep you amused with stones or tennis balls all afternoon.

That’s it for now.
Over and out – I am off on holiday!!!

M x