Hoppy Treats

How do!
Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post. I’ve been to the outer limits of the brewniverse concocting hoppy treats for one and all. So what’s new in the land of The Dancing Man?….

First on the agenda is Music In The City! It’s this Saturday and Sunday (3rd & 4th Oct). Basically loads of amazing venues around Southampton, with loads of amazing bands playing loads of amazing music. We have even brewed a beer to celebrate the occasion. It’s a 4.2% pale ale using all English hops.
Contrary to popular belief I am all in favour of trying English hop varieties, and on this occasion it’s Archer and a hop blend called Fusion. If your lucky enough to try some over the weekend I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s rather good!

This week myself and the Sibbick brothers have been very busy resurrecting some old favourites for your imbibing pleasure. Due to much demand from you guys we have finally brewed some more Sea City Gold. This time with fresh kaffir lime leaves and fresh papaya fruit. So far it tastes AMAZING!!!! Also we have made a batch of 16 Tonne Stout (chilli & chocolate) to help ease ourselves into the colder months. Both will be available in the coming weeks but keep an eye on social media and on here for more info soon.

Recently myself and Stew were invited to join Xan Philips on his radio show The Business to play some tunes and have a good old chin wag about beer and business and stuff. The resultant mutterings can be heard here The Business Radio show
I promise not to leave it so long till next time!
Later folks.