Festive spirit…Old Ale actually

Festive spirit – Tis the season at last! Well nearly anyway.
Some fools have been at this Christmas lark since bonfire night. I think it’s just about time to let you know about our seasonal beer offering.

Bloody Red Baron Christmas Reserve 6.5%.
As some of you might know Bloody Red Baron falls into the category of Old Ale, and it’s a beer that we like to do from time to time and age it with various extra flavours. This particular batch has been sat for two months with spiced rum soaked hickory chips, vanilla pods & orange peel, and let me tell you, it’s a real treat. Deep red in colour with a body as smooth as Bechamel sauce, the flavour and depth through a pint keep developing like a never ending kaleidoscope from dark berries and boozy, sweet rummy, vanilla, to rich boiled sweets and candied tangerine. We decided to rack this delectable treat into cask as this style really benefits from cellar temperature and dispense.

I sincerely hope you all have a fantastic Christmas season. If you do find yourself in Dancing Man through December, please find me for a chat and some festive merry cheer. Perhaps we can enjoy a pint of Bloody Red Baron together!

Merry Christmas