DMB 5th Birthday Beer & Food pairing

Thanks to everyone that made it to our 5th birthday, Beer and Food pairing evening. It felt like the best one yet, and the atmosphere was fantastic! We will no doubt see you all next year. It really is a great event, and we truly appreciate your support.

This coming weekend sees the return of Winchester Beer Festival, and as always, we will be showing a couple of beers. Big Casino will be making a rare appearance on cask as well as our brand new release… Let me explain.

Following the success of our Christmas incarnation of Bloody Red Baron we have decided to indulge ourselves in a bit of Whiskey barrel ageing. In Bloody Red Baron we brought the Whiskey soaked barrel wood to the beer, this time we are bringing the beer to the barrel! Two of them… Two freshly emptied Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey barrels. And bugger me did they smell good! “But Aidan”, I hear you say, “what did you fill them with? Bovine Intervention? Big Bad Stout?”. No, no, no, my fine friends. No, we didn’t. We went bigtime. We only went and hooked up with our boys Nick Rosser and Duncan Power of the Butchers Brewclub, to get on with completing our Chocs Away trilogy with, Chocs Away³. As per the norm, this is a Chocolate Milk Stout, but this time it is a whopping 8.6%. The plan was that 440 litres went into the two Whiskey Barrels, a little would go into pins and kils, and the rest would go into kegs. That is exactly what we did. As mentioned above, this is making it’s debut at Winchester Beer Fest, as well as at Dancing Man, and the Butchers Hook too. The barrel aged stuff, on the other hand, is going to take more time I’m afraid. We will be checking it monthly to monitor how the flavours are developing and we will report back in due course. However long it takes, it’s bound to be amazing!

Hang on in there brothers and sisters! Summer is just around the corner. Won’t be long until we are out front at DMB drinkin’ sourz for hours!