Busy busy busy!

My oh my have we been busy! January and February are typically the quietest months but apparently not this year. Cant wait until summer to see you guys in top gear!

With the new harvest of northern hemisphere hops in our cold store, our hoppy beers are tasting fresher and brighter than ever. Big Casino IPA (5.7%) is especially good at the moment on keg. Those of you travelling to Winchester Beer Festival this weekend will be lucky enough to try the only drop of the current batch on cask, aswell as our fresh and juicy Congo Driftwood 4.2%.

We have two new offerings for you this month. (drum roll please)…

First is our take on a Best Bitter. Old Fashioned 3.9% is the first beer of this sort that we have made. Now although we are known mainly for making hop forward beers we got quite exited about making this beer. We are now using a different yeast strain in the brewery and this beer was the Guinea Pig. Beautiful stone fruit esters from the yeast couple with gentle but fragrant southern hemisphere hops to create a smooth and balanced classic with a modern twist.

The second beer is another first for Dancing Man (sic). We gone done made a Lager!!!! Necessary Evil Lager 5% is a simple yet delightfully crisp and refreshing drop. (Full tasting notes for both new beers are on the website). We kept the first Lager very simple just to see how things go, but early signs are very good. I’m certain we will be trying something more adventurous with Lager and hops in the near future. In the meantime please let us know what you think of Necessary Evil and Old Fashioned. We love hearing from you!

Both of these will be available from Friday 24th March at 4pm

I’m off to get ready for brewing Gunslinger IIPA so speak soon folks.