Bloody Red Baron

Season’s greetings to one and all!

Maybe it’s a bit early for all that but if it’s good enough for M&S it’s good enough for me. Anyhow this is not just a Christmas beer blog… THIS is a Dancing Man Christmas beer blog!

Bloody Red Baron 6.1% is a Whiskey Barrel aged, Old Ale, and I have to tell you, it’s got us really excited. In the past we have put vanilla pods and spices in this beer, but the whiskey and oak have done such mind-blowing things to this baby that we felt that leaving it alone was the best thing to do. And we were right! The beer stands up great on its own, with rich, sweet plum notes and a malty depth to die for. The hops crackle away in the background, providing an exceptional balancing act, and then… The sweet oak and whiskey comes in!!!! And ohhh my word- Does it make an entrance! It’s like a heralded heroic prince making his grand entrance into the banquet hall for the feast to end all feasts. The warmth and breadth that this combination offers is simply spectacular and supremely elegant. We could only put this beer in cask as I really don’t think that the colder temperatures required for keg would do it justice. This beer will warm your cockles and give you enough Christmas cheer to blow festive fun into the meanest of Scrooges. It will be available from Friday 29th November at 5 o’clock at Dancing Man. Bloody Red Baron should be available right through December depending on how quickly you guys drink it!

As always thanks for reading this old nonsense that I write. Have a great Festive Season.

See you at the bar!!!!!