Autumnal greetings!

So summer is gone but sunny Southampton still shines on! We don’t know how good we’ve got it down here…….
The Boatshow was a blast this year. We were far more prepared for it this time round and I believe the staff actually enjoyed the chaos, a bit…… well maybe they enjoyed the after (boat) show party more! A huge thanks to all of our wonderful staff and customers for a truly successful 10 days.

The return of our Pole Axed IPA 6.7% seems to have made a lot of you very thirsty. More of this sort of thing to come, including our second brew of Little Casino IIPA, mmmmmmm the hops keep on coming.

Myself and the kitchen team have been busy working on our next beer and food pairing banquet. It will take place on Wednesday 26th October and will be centred around beef and beer pairings. Tickets are £30 and details, including the full menu are on our site!

On other beery matters the installation of our 5th fermenter and glycol chilling system is ongoing and will be in place very soon. So look out for more keg and can products as well as more exciting cask offerings.

We recently collaborated with the guys from Southampton Brewdog as part of their collab-fest. The resultant beer was an off the wall JaffaCake Stout called “BLACK’S THE NEW ORANGE”. We had a great day with the lovely ladies from the new Brewdog bar and I’m sure it will be a huge success. The beer turned out fantastic with loads of indulgent chocolate and boozy orange to go with the smooth and biscuity stout.
Keep your eyes peeled for BLACK’S THE NEW ORANGE in all UK Brewdog bars soon. #collabfest2016
Another collaboration with our great friend Jimmy from Unity Brewing is also imminent. Check back here for updates but it’s bound to be a stonking Saison if Jimmy’s involved.

Anyway I’m off to B&Q to get some bits and bobs so our chef can start our latest project of curing our own beef. Fun fun fun.

Speak soon folks!