400th Brew!! SkOOKuM BREAKFAST

Hello all! Hope you all had a fun packed summer? I know I did! So much so that I managed to let my blog posts slip a little, and for that, I apologise. I have, however got some lovely new beer to tell you about so I’m sure that you will forgive me.


First off, we have only gone and reached brew number 400 at the Wool House. A what a crumper it is too.

Let me introduce Skookum Breakfast 5.9%. A breakfast stout of biblical proportion. Pitched at just under the 6 % mark, it is mega drinkable and also a little naughty and indulgent. The addition of Canadian Maple Syrup and roasted coffee beans lift this beer to a place where the only question left unanswered is, “How much of this would Oliver Reed have drunk before dancing a jig across town quay park?” The coffee adds a wonderfully decadent richness that finishes a little bitter, before the Maple syrup softens and sweetens the blow to a glorious end, comparable to galvanising a black pearl in liquid gold.

Second is the latest in the “Haunted By” range. For this one we have used the delectable Summit hop from the U.S. This 4.2% cask effort is a pocket rocket of a beer! It bursts with new world hoppiness and punches way above its weight. Flavour and aroma include notes of caramelised orange and dank hoppiness with a very distinct savoury note synonymous with Summit. Both beers will be available from 5 o’clock this Friday (27th Sept). Hope you enjoy!

In other news, we will be pouring at the upcoming Craft Beer South festival. It is being organised by our fantastic friends at Belgium & Blues and Unity brewing. Steve and Jimmy, we salute you. For busy people like these guys to go out of their way to put on such an event takes dedication and passion for the local beer scene. People must support this event in order that it may happen again next year. I will be there, along with Ned and Jamie, and a whole host of amazing brewers and their wares, so please come along and enjoy. It is at the 1865 club in Southampton on sat 11th October. Check out the Craft Beer South Facebook page for ticket details. https://www.facebook.com/CraftBeerSouth/

And that, my fine friends, is about it from me today. I promise… (or threaten, depends how you view it) to write this blog more often, as we plunge deeper into the chasm of beer, created all those years ago by the hoppy sword we now know as “craft”. Where will it all end? Sour composted beetle dung DIPAs? Brick dust, anti fermented SIPAs? Who knows? But if it tastes good……… It’ll be reet for me and thee!