Our Boy Mr Watson Update

Hi all.

Just wanted to give you an update on our boy.

Well, its 9 weeks since our life-changing accident on the way home from work on June 12th.

I truly cannot believe the progress this little chap has made in just over two months.

As you can see by the pics and video, he has made a remarkable recovery.

He can now jump on furniture (including the beds again – oh good)./ chases balls/leaps in the air/ dives into rivers and is generally the same happy, little(territorial) soul.

He is coping really well and if he does overexert himself (if there is a tennis ball about, he still doesn’t know when to stop) we now know the signs and we take him home to rest.

It was, quite possibly, the most traumatic and horrendous situation that we have ever had to deal with, and we thank our lucky stars that we still have ‘our boy’.

Thank you all again for your cards, phone calls, emails, gifts and concern.

We really did appreciate it and your well wishes helped with our recovery.

My hand is fine – no more hand therapy required and apart from part of my finger being numb, everything else is back to normal.

If you haven’t seen Mr Watson lately you may be a little shocked but also blown away with how unfazed he is.

We look forward to seeing you at the brewery soon.


Mandy and Mr Watson xx