Mr Watson sister Belle

Hello my people, Mr Watson here.

Just thought I would share my absolute joy at having a Sister.

So here she is… our BlueBelle or Belle for short.

To be honest, she is a pain in the pants.

She has destroyed all my fave toys, including my new seagull.

She has eaten our cushions, killed the rugs and she doesn’t seem to know where the toilet area is?

She is bonkers.  Keeps running at me, wanting to play but I am not having any of that nonsense as I am far too grown up for Snow Fox type leaping and general carrying on.

To be frank, I am not a massive fan.  Mama says I will learn to love her but we shall see about that!  I loved my seagull and I can’t forgive her for taking out his eyes and eating his feet.

Mama says she has had her jabs now, so will be able to come to the woods and park with us.  Oh good.


So…. What about me?

Well, I am good.  My new leg arrangement is perfectly fine and it’s not stopping me bombing around the park after my tennis ball – well, I was my tennis ball – I seem to have competition now.

All is good.

Mama is about to start decorating the brewery with those weird trees (indoors?!)  no peeing she says and countless balls that I am not allowed to touch.  All very lovely and shiny but why can’t I chew ‘em?  Pointless.


Well, that’s it for now.  I will be back soon with news of Belle and all my adventures.


Mr W xxx

Mr Watson sister Belle Mr Watson sister Belle