Mr Watson & BlueBelle

Dear Friends

Mr Watson here.

So ,after this Summers ordeal – I am now tip top.

I do get very tired by the middle of the day, so Mum often scoops me up and takes me to my bed.

Apart from the tiredness – its only 14 weeks since I became a Pirate – I am lovin life again.

Not really sure what this means, but I have been told by my people that I am to have a ‘Sister’ in 2 weeks’ time!

I have not got the faintest idea what a sister is but I am hoping is some sort of toy that will squeak and will let me rag it about – those are 2 of my most fave things.

She is called BlueBelle – Belle for short and she is some sort of Staffy Smurf.  A blue dog.  Smurf dog?  Not really sure on this bit either.  We shall just have to wait and see.


For those of you that haven’t yet had one of our delicious dog dinners – please make sure to tell your peoples that we now have 3 meats to choose from on a Sunday AND heaps of pie. Mmmm pie.

Our kitchen is now open until 6pm on a Sunday so if you are a lazy bones, you can still get fed until 6pm at DMB.

And the best news – very soon we shall be able to offer all of my friends – Doggie Ice Cream

Doggie Popcorn

And Doggie Crisps!

Just gets better and better.

Have a good October and I will let you know when our snacks arrive.

Much love

Mr Watson.