Who is the legendary Mr Watson?

Dear friends,
Mr Watson here.

Sorry its taken soooo long to get back. I have been terribly busy with rock carrying and tennis balls. My peoples have been promising to help me type up my wonderous words, but they have been busy making stuff and running about. Thought I would start my DogBlog with a little bit of very interesting information.
I say interesting because it’s all about me.

Name:- Mr Watson

(also known as Woo, Wooington, Watson and Sprout.)

My name depends on what I am doing at the time. There are others, but my people said that you people don’t need to know those ones.

DOB:- 27/05/2012

Place of Birth:- Unknown.

I am a rescue. My peoples came and got me in July 2015 after their dog, Charlie, went to Heaven. They found me at St Francis Animal Shelter nr Bishopstoke.

Star Sign:- I am a Gemini

Hobbies:- …

oh my most favourite thing in all the world are tennis balls and rocks.
Tennis balls because they bounce and rocks because………well, we are not sure about the rocks, but I just love flinging a rock about the place.


Hoodies, skateboards, shouty people, people who steal my tennis balls and rain. Rain because I fluff up when dry and look ridiculously like a cloud. Glass is another dislike, well, broken glass. It hurts my feet and because I can’t speak, I can’t tell my peoples when I am hurty. If you see some broken glass, please tell my staff and they will pick it up.


chicken, tennis balls and rocks, balloons, my peoples’ little peoples, sun – I love to sunbathe, chasing those damn cats, pigeons and anything smaller than me that runs – I am part Jack after all.

I will be using this webby thing to keep you updated with all the marvellous things I do.

Here is a selection of my favourite pics along with a fabulous balloon jumping video my peoples took in London.

Please be aware that sometimes and for no apparent reason I may have a bit of a turn and bark at you. My victims are random and are usually either bemused or scared. Ignore me, I won’t bite I am just weird and a bit fickle.

Please visit my page regularly as now that I have grasped this typing lark, I intend to speak my mind and keep you updated with what my lot are up to and what’s happening at DMB.

I love doggies, most anyway and especially the girlie ones so if you have some please bring them in so that I may taunt them as I am off the lead 🙂

There is a dog menu on the paper thing here so even they get fed. Delicious.
Enjoy the tennis and if a ball should end up in your paws – come throw it for me.

Lots of love
Mr Watson. Xxx

Oh…and if you have pics of your doglets, please send them in and we shall add them to my pages.