It’s a Dog’s Life.

Oh my Peoples, how I have missed writing.  My Mama person was far too busy doing the finger tapping thing, to lend me her telly machine to type my words of wisdom.

It’s been a while and so much has happened.

I am still wonderful, handsome and dashing and so have compiled a gallery of some of my most flattering shots.

I still have that Tennis Ball Addiction (TBA) but have not been in a position to fully utilise this as it keeps raining which messes up ‘my do’.  If I get wet, I blow up and my peoples larf as I look like a cloud.  I also stink a bit so it’s not my best look.

Regular visitors to my house will notice that I still randomly bark at people, possibly sit on their laps or if I like you, I may squeak and jump with utter delight when you pop back for another visit.

I have heard a ridiculous rumour that peoples come here for the beer and food?  What tosh – it’s all for me, obvs.

My Mama and Pap’s are talking about getting a baby sister for me later this year.

I am not really fussed – can take it or leave it really but they seem set on giving me someone to play with.

To be honest, I am far too busy training my peoples, barking and generally looking handsome and dapper to have time to train a newby – we shall see when she gets here.

Well, I hope you enjoy the gallery – if you would like your doglet to join my Friends of Mr Watson group then please send me your pics and I will get my peoples to do their Gypsy Magic and get them on to my pages.

I am so looking forward to the spring and new tennis balls.

See you out the front soon.

Much love

Mr Watson.