An Important Update – Our Boy – Mr Watson

Hi friends,

Mandy here, some of you know me as one of the owners/directors of Dancing Man Brewery, I’m also Mr Watson’s human… I wanted to let Mr Watson’s friends know about a life-changing accident that happened last Wednesday night, the 12th June, whilst walking home from the Brewery. Mr Watson, (or Woo to his very best friends) chased a rogue ball into the road. The driver did not stand a chance of stopping as she didn’t see him run under her car. We took him to our vet on Hill Lane where he was assessed and then moved to a specialist pet hospital in Ringwood. We had to make an incredibly sad decision.  They could not save his leg, so we opted for amputation.

We were able to visit him on Saturday and due to his determination, he was allowed home on Sunday morning. He has already learned to balance and can hop unaided in the house and garden for a short distance. He has a massive wound, a fracture in his groin and has a very dodgy hair cut – which will grow back over the next few weeks. It’s been a dreadfully, traumatic week but with rest, love and care Woo is responding well. Due to the fact that he is a highly exercised dog, only 7 and a typical, tenacious Jack he has every chance of leading a happy and full life, once his wounds heal and he learns to drive himself with 3 legs rather than 4. We are at home together – we have 2 weeks rest prescribed for both of us and everyone who loves us, is giving us the best care possible.

Our whole world has been tipped upside down.  We are busy making sure we have everything in place for when he is mobile. He has a festival trolley to travel around in and with a few adjustments we can make sure he is the same happy, barky boy we know and love.  I predict that a decent amount of fairy lights will be added to the trolley in time. During the incident, I was hurt and I needed to have an operation on my hand. I was lucky enough to keep my finger but I’m also on doctors orders to rest for the next few weeks.

Thank you to everyone that helped us on Wednesday. Special thanks to the American lady who helped, the chaps from Sea Works and to Luke on our security team, who had the incredibly hard job of informing our Hannah (possibly Woo’s biggest fan).  And to Marc, my partner and Billy his son for looking after Woo whilst I was in the hospital. Thank you to Vets for Pets on Hill Lane and the Emergency Vet in Bitterne.  Their professionalism and care helped him make it through the night. A massive thank you to our surgeon from Southern Counties Veterinary Specialists, Juan Marti, and all the incredible staff. To all the Doctors and Nurses in A&E, CUD1, CUD2 and the Surgical ward at Southampton General. They were all so kind and supportive and most were dog lovers.  They were all totally unfazed each time they found me in a weeping heap surrounded by paper towels. To Nikki and Martin, who were also in A&E but kept me from climbing the walls whilst we waited for the Consultant.  Get well soon, Martin. And a special thank you to our family and friends who are always there for us. We are overwhelmed by the messages, flowers, toys and well wishes from everyone. You won’t see much of us over the next 2 weeks, but I will keep you updated.

We shall be back before you can blink.


Mandy and Mr Watson.