Dog Blog


Mr. Watson is our 9 year old dog, rescued from St Francis Animal Shelter in East Horton.
He has had a bit of a time – we are his 5th owners. He absolutely loves children but, like all of us, he sometimes gets a bit cheesed off with lots of tiny hands patting him on the head or chasing him around the place. Be confident your little one can pet him but please remember he is a dog, an animal, so please make sure your children are fully supervised. If he sits in front of you with a tennis ball it means, it’s your turn to go out and play.

Be warned – he has a massive tennis ball addiction so you may be out there for some time. We ask that our Dog guests are kept on a lead as we have staff carrying hot dishes and glass.

Just ask if you need PBags or water bowls – we have plenty. We love woofers so much we have created a special menu for them including a vegan option so that they feel right at home. Stops them begging too. If your dog has a little accident – let the staff know and they will magic it away. Please check out Mr Watson’s Instagram and Dog Menu page.