Flying Barrel

A Brewer’s Tale

Flying Barrel

Ahhhhhh beer! The true drink of the working man… or woman. I first became enchanted by beer in my uncle’s pub when I was about 9 or 10. Not by drinking it, but by watching the look on the faces of big happy men at the bar swilling ale from tankards and sharing jovial cheers whilst singing and joking together. It seemed to me that they had somehow discovered the secret to happiness, and I couldn’t wait to join in!

Becoming a brewer came very naturally to me. As well as spending lots of time working in pubs as a musician, drayman, glass collector, barman and manager, I had developed a good palate for beers of all kinds by frequenting good ale houses and visiting many breweries. Couple that with skills I had learned from years as a tradesman and my passion for cooking and I was ready to go!

I never wanted to set up shop in a generic industrial unit where people don’t get to see what we are up to, so a brewpub was always the intention. To be able to do this in a 14th century grade 1 listed building has been the thrill of a lifetime. Making Big Casino IPA with your mates at 6 in the morning in a spooky 700 year old, supposedly haunted building, with The Rolling Stones blasting from the stereo is, and always will be, my jam!

From the beginning I knew that I didn’t want to be bound or constrained by convention, in the style or format of the sort of beer that I make. Traditional standards, barrel ageing, progressive IPAs, rich stouts, lagers, sours, keg, cask, bottle, can, it’s all fair game. Each equally rewarding to perfect, and each filling a different niche. Which, in a brewpub setting, with folks from all walks of life and varied tastes, is a truly rich and wholesome offering.

To inspire conversation about the merits of these beers, whilst drinking them in the place they are made has landed us at the heart of a thriving and wonderful community, that is as welcoming as it is inviting. That, my friends, is what makes for a good beer drinking experience.



Drinking Dancing Man Beer

I’m not here to tell Granny how to suck the proverbials, but just a few mentions about the quirks of our beer. All Dancing Man beer is unfined. This means that no clearing agents have been used in the production of our beers…

Because of this they will pour with varying degrees of haze, depending on hopping levels. You will be rewarded with a greater and more vivid aroma, fuller body, and even more great flavour. Please use your nose to take in and enjoy the aroma before delving into your beer. It will maximise your experience. Not only a good guide to drinking beer, but also a good rule in life is that if something doesn’t smell good… Don’t put it in your mouth.

Although the unfined nature of our beers makes them suitable for vegans and vegetarians, some of our beers do contain lactose, which means they are not vegan friendly. If you are not sure, or have any questions please ask any of our team as they are all fully trained and very knowledgeable about our products.

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Meet the Family

No good tradesman blames his tools. We do!!!! If it wasn’t for these 7 Bad Boys nothing would get done. It’s for this reason that we couldn’t just number them. We named them! The Bandit, The Crook, The Wizard, The King, The Zombie, The Tramp and The Street Fighting Man…

Don’t ask about the relevance of these names any more than you would ask me why I’m called Aidan. But one thing is for sure, like me, or any good man, The Wizard is at his happiest when he’s full of Big Casino.